Welcome to the C2M 100 mi Ultra.

What is C2M About

Welcome to the C2M 100 mi Ultra. 101.23 miles with 24,636 of vertical acent.
This is going to be a bit different from your normal 100 Miler.
There will be no trail marking and no fixed aid stations. We will have a roving aid station. You can have a drop bag no biger than 12×12. Water drops at certain locations. You can have a crew to meet you if you like. This will be open only to 32 runners so sign up early.
1. All runners must download GPX tracks on your watch or phone and have them before they start.
2. All runners must carry a spot device that will be provided by the event.
3. Have a map Tom Harrison Sespe Wilderness map with the course males out.
All these items must be carried during the event.

Yes there is a buckle available for purchase if you complete C2M and maybe some swag.

Start of C2M2017 that turned out to be three moons!!

You will be required to run through 2 Moons!!!

Looks Like Fun

The ridge behind Ojai has 7 trails that spider off the ridge road (which stretches for about 12 miles across the top) to different trailheads at the bottom. Deciding on the courses was almost a no-brainer, as the 100M’ers do all 7 climbs to the ridge. The ridge road itself isn’t flat, so runners spend their full time on each course going either up or down.

Because the courses go to and off the ridge, temperatures can vary greatly by location on the course. While averages are between 4-22 Celsius, last year the temps were as high as 30C and as low as 0.

(On the ridge just before heading down Chip Seal to Rose Valley and Breakfast!

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